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New Haven began with the formation of New  Haven Home, Inc. in 1987.

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of people. Our goal is to provide food, clothes, and shelter and help them to maintain their dignity and family unity. To strengthen the family even though they are in a crisis situation, and to help them maintain their faith in each other and their faith in the Lord. 

The New Haven Family Center came into being to meet the growing need to house and help intact families that were experiencing homelessness. Many times homelessness occurs after the loss of job or a having a job that would not allow them to earn enough money to support their family.

New Haven Helping Hands formed when the need became apparent that the working poor were having a great deal of trouble just existing on the low wages they were earning. As well as to meet the needs of a growing senior population that were in jeopardy because of the small income they had and the increasing cost of food and utilities.

These services combined to create a safety net to meet basic needs of our most vulnerable neighbors. Join us today and help bring support through housing, clothing, and food. 



For more information about Emergency Housing Servicec contact the Family Center at:


Phone: 940-328-0910


For more information about clothing, household goods, and food services contact Helping Hands at:


Phone: 940-325-5654


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