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Many of our retired veterans need our help now. They helped us when they could now it is our turn,


"My husband is a retired veteran, his is our only income. If it weren't for Helping Hands my husband and I would not make it . Hopefully when I graduate from college in a year I can be better able to help him. For now, Thank you for all the assistance."

A senior couple left us a thank you note and wanted to share the impact our services have had on their lives.

"They have kept me sustained since 2002 with enough food to get me through each month. I am very grateful because our social security is never enough"

Many of our clients live on a fixed income and have difficulty stretching their checks to make it one month. I am grateful that the Lord has allowed
me to be part of His work here at New Haven. Please consider joining us with your help. We are seeking 500 people that would
donate $10.00-$20.00 per month to help feed the needy. That amount will provide over 100 pounds of food!!!

Single widow:

"Yes Helping Hands has helped me so much it's God giving blessings.

I would not eat at times if it was not for them. My name is *************** this is the only place that will help."

A senor disabled women wanted to share the impact our services have had on her life. She left this note at the receptionist desk.


"I am a heart patient COPD congestive heart failure 20% use of heart. Because of loopholes and gray areas in our state system I couldn't receive help from  the state  for a while but due to the blessings of this food bank &  their accommodating staff I was able to have food & given the tools through information given by them to keep my utilities on, food in my house & not made to feel like less than dirt on the ground. They helped not only with my physical needs but also my mental and spiritual state of mind thank you all and most of all thank God you are here."


This is a direct quote from her letter and was not edited or corrected in any way. Please help us to help more of these deserving clients with a donation through this web site. Either Go Fund Me or PayPal. Thank you for looking.


A married couple with one child wrote:


"My husband is disabled , I work and make a decent living but with only one income we barely make it. If Helping Hands weren't here I don't know what I would do, at the end of my last pay check I had $38.00 to last 2 weeks ,that was all I had to buy groceries and gas with. Thank God Jim and his crew was here, at least we had food on our table the rest of the month. Thanks for all your help"

We have many disabled  that need help with their families. Please help us to help them.


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