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Food Bank

In 2018 New Haven Helping Hands Distribution Center handed out over 888,850 pounds of food. 95.8% of our clients had an income (the working poor) and 49% were senior citizens on a fixed income. This is a common story that we hear: One of these seniors came in with her husband. He was pushing an oxygen bottle and looking rather pale. She stated that they had just left the hospital after a weeks stay and they wanted to stop by Helping Hands and get food because they had spent all their money at the hospital and did not have any food at their home. She said their Social Security check would not be there to help them for 1 more week. What a shame that many of our seniors must live that way. We are thankful to help them.

We can not create more jobs in our community or more pay to the working families but we can give EVERY one of our 1200 working families that come in to Helping Hands each month a $250.00 a month raise!!!! We do this by providing $250.00 retail value of food each month to each of them. That greatly increases there quality of life and health. It allows them to have more money to pay their utilities, rent, and clothing for their children. It takes some stress away from our single moms, disabled, elderly and hard working dads.

Food shelves where clients shop for the food items they need. They receive food from shelves plus many other items such as milk, bread, yogurt, vegetables and fruit.

Over 1200 families per month come into New Haven Helping Hands for food and clothes. We are able to help with clothing from newborn up. All clothing is sorted, sized, and placed on clothes racks by gender.

Food warehouse where food is brought in, sorted, stored and put on shelves for clients to select what they need. We provide staples, fruits and veggies, dairy products, breads and pastries ,and meats. 

Our mobile food ministry makes food accessible to 85.5% of the population of Palo Pinto county. This truck carries food baskets, computers and printers and client files to the community's all over Palo Pinto county.


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